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Super STEM is Here.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math — or as many of us refer to collectively as STEM! These disciplines are essential for student success and are the building blocks of innovation. The Young Innovators Fair is a platform that brings STEM to life on a massive scale so children can learn more about these all-important areas.

Innovators Can Start Early.

There’s no such thing as having a child moving toward a STEM path too soon. Introduction to STEM at an early age can springboard your child to a foundation that will not only shape the child’s future but also potentially the future of the world! Young innovators from grade levels K through 12 are encouraged to attend.

Many Worlds to Explore.

With ten distinct innovation worlds, the Young Innovators Fair delivers a plethora of activities and exhibits designed to attract children of varying interests and curiosity levels. Your young innovators can immerse themselves into these worlds to scratch their existing STEM itch or even to discover a new passion.

Our Worlds.

Builders Boulevard

Some kids like to use their minds while others like to use their hands. This world mashes them together! The young innovator gets to be creative with what they want to build and then has an opportunity to make it real. Fans of construction toys are in heaven here.

Pilots Pad

Dreams of flying are never in short supply, especially with children. The Pilots Pad is all about air and space so your future avaitor has an outlet to soar. Whether you have an aspiring jet pilot or a hopeful astronaut, we have the perfect place for them to discover flight.

Lab-Rats Lair

Do you have a child who loves to experiment with science? Of course you do! What kid wouldn’t want to see the explosion when you put Mentos in Coke? In the Lab-Rats Lair, we conduct safe, and sometimes gooey, experiments that strange science fans of all ages can enjoy.

Robots Retreat

If there is one area to look for the latest innovations, robotics is certainly a great place to start. Being able to watch a robot in action is nice but it’s hard to beat the satisfaction of building and controlling a life-like machine for yourself!

Numbers Nation

Mathematics exploration and enjoyment will help you build brainpower in the challenges you meet at Numbers Nation. If you are looking for a place to discover some new mathematical ideas, investigate with friends and experts, and hone your knowledge of the universe’s common language, then this is the place for you.

Performers Paradise

STEAM is Stem with the addition of arts and music. Learning and exploring the arts tune children into their creative side by engaging them in the most right-brained arena of the fair. Be entertained or discover your calling to be the world’s next superstar!

Sorcerers Square

Step into the portal to discover our science fiction and fantasy world. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, World of Warcraft, or Harry Potter, this is one place where you can feel right at home. No offense to lovers of the real world.

Conservationists Corner

Being green can be rewarding to you and your surroundings. Creative advocates of air, water, natural resources, and more will be amazed by today’s energy advances. In other words, this environment is for the environment.

Hackers Hideout

It’s chic to be geek these days. For those who crave technology, this is where you can ride the wave of the future and push technology to its limits! Innovators of hardware and software are welcome.

Biologists Bay

We know pretty early on who is a dog whisperer. That stated, this love of life reaches beyond dogs, and even mammals! Lovers of cats, spiders, dolphins, tulips, bacteria, and even velociraptors will have a chance to immerse themselves into all that is living (or was alive at some point)!

So what can you expect when you walk through the doors? You will have an opportunity to examine a triceratops skull, launch a rocket, get inspired by a 7-year-old coding prodigy, experience Google Expeditions virtual reality, build a mini helicopter, witness explosive demonstrations, learn how to program robots, get entertained by performances from the Kimmel Center, learn about space artifacts, and more!

By The Numbers.

Innovation Worlds

We have ten distinctive, STEM-inspired, innovation worlds waiting for you to explore. Each world is a unique experience in itself.


Hands-on attractions and entertaining presentations designed to engage your young innovator to the fullest.

Inspired Attendees

Over 20,000 kids and their families attended the inaugural Young Innovators Fair in Philadelphia, PA.

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