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The Young Innovators Fair is a wonderful program that inspires children to learn and create while having fun. DK is proud to be involved in such an innovative event that focuses on topics near and dear to our hearts like computer coding and other STEM initiatives. We are eager to see all that this newest generation of learners will accomplish as they begin to shape a brighter future for us all.
-Jaimie Cona, DK Books
It was awesome being a part of the event! I had so much fun. Keep putting on these great shows!
– Jon Bedard, Google
Loved the energy of the event, the mix of people and the enthusiastic faces! Also a nice mix of exhibits styles which made the walk about really fun.
– Brit Cruise, Khan Academy
Who would’ve guessed a show in the middle of Pennsylvania would attract so many bright little minds and such a throng of curious parents. Unexpectedly YIF turned out to be one of the greatest shows we’ve ever done!
– Vladislav Smolyanskyy, Pinblock
We want to thank YOU for allowing us to capture this event. This is EXACTLY what we are about, allowing kids to delve into the endless possibilities of how they can alter the world (maybe even rotate its axis!).
– Daphnee Vieux, Project STEAM TV
We had a wonderful time sharing our artifacts and exhibits with all of the students and their families. The level of interest and engagement was amazing. What an awesome weekend!
– Mark Calhoun, Johnsville Centrifuge & Science Museum
I am just settling down from an all time tired high if there is such a thing. It was the most tired fun I have ever had performing and interacting with the crowd. I met some very interesting people and brought smiles to hundreds of kids. The smiles were worth it. Thanks so much for a wonderful opportunity.
– Dr. Daisy Century, Bessie Coleman
Thank you and your team so much for organizing this event! The Academy had a FABULOUS time being there. We met so many wonderful families eager to engage in science of all kinds. We are DEFINITELY down for participating in the future.
– Timshel Purdum, Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University
Thank you so much for inviting us to Young Innovators Fair! We had a fantastic experience and loved the family atmosphere. It was a pleasure to interact with all of the participants and to spread our Clean Water For All message.
– Dylan Lunney, Ohorizons
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